Who We Are

Laconia Christian Academy: Equipping Minds, Inspiring Hearts.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a non-denominational Christian school for children preschool through grade 12, centrally located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We provide our students with a unique, holistic educational experience that you won’t find anywhere else – we are equipping minds through our exceptional academic program, and we are inspiring hearts through a faith-based approach to life and learning.

LCA’s Mission Statement

The mission of Laconia Christian Academy is to serve families by providing a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education that instills a biblical worldview in the heart and mind of each student.

When faith and education intersect, beautiful things happen. It’s not just different. It’s better. Here’s why: our philosophy of education isn’t dictated by benchmarks, curricula, or anything man-made. It’s driven by these two transcendent principles: 

  • all truth is God’s truth
  • every child bears God’s image 

So, we delight in the learning process – every detail is a window into the nature of our Creator, and we marvel at the God-given individuality of each precious child.

It’s not either/or here, it’s both. We are a college-preparatory school, with a classical approach to history and literature, so you could call us “traditional” and “challenging,” but you’d be missing half the story. We are also a TimberNook-certified school with an innovative nature and play-based  program, so you could also peg us as “unconventional.” So which is it? Both. At LCA, we have the humility and the flexibility to implement the best of what’s out there, and we’re continually researching and assessing to keep it that way.

For our teachers, it’s not just a job – it’s a mission. And that makes a world of difference. Our teachers are deeply invested in their students. Small class sizes allow students to be personally known. One current parent, previously exposed to multiple different schools, says, “Honestly, I haven’t found a place where teachers seem to be as genuinely concerned and caring as LCA.” (Thanks, Cathy. We agree!)