NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY LCA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, and other school-administered programs.

TUITION GRANT Awards are based on an objective assessment of family need.  Families feeling they may need or qualify for a tuition grant are encouraged to apply. A FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment application requesting pertinent data on family income, assets, liabilities and expenses is required. Applications are available in the school office or may be completed on-line. In order for LCA to provide grants to as many qualifying families as possible, tuition grants will not generally exceed 55% of total tuition.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY: Tuition grants or tuition payments given to the school, designated for a specific family or recipient, are not considered tax-deductible by the IRS.

APPLICATION DEADLINES:  Re-enrolling families will receive priority consideration through April 1 annually, after which all tuition grant applications shall be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN’S RESPONSIBILITY:   It is the parent or legal guardian’s responsibility to:

  1. Complete all application materials accurately. Inaccuracies or errors can result in delays in consideration for tuition grants and may result in your inability to receive a grant due to lack of funds. Intentional miss-reporting of information on applications will require that funds be paid back to the school.
  2. Complete all application materials on time and forward them to the appropriate agency.
  3. Understand the conditions under which your tuition grant package is offered and comply with the criteria for continued qualification of your tuition grant award.
  4. Pay, in a timely manner, any portions of your tuition bill not covered by the tuition grant.
  5. Notify the school office of any changes in your financial or marital status. 


Step 1: Fill out an application.  Since all grants require an evaluation of your family’s need, a Tuition Grant Application must be completed online ($30 fee). Type https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3HZLS in the address bar of your browser. For new users, under the “New Account” section, click “Create a Username & Password.”  Follow the instructions on the screen.  BE SURE TO KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD.  Click the “Create Account” button.  At this point, the school’s zip code, 03246, will be requested.  Follow the on-line instructions to complete the application.  For current users, simply sign-in with your current username and password.  If you have misplaced your password, follow the “Forgot Username…” prompts.

In addition to this, we require that you provide FACTS with:

  1. A copy of last year’s IRS form 1040, accompanying schedules and W2’s.
  2. A letter explaining any unusual or extenuating circumstances that you would like the Tuition Grant Committee to consider.

Step 2: Review by the Tuition Grant Committee.  The Tuition Grant Committee will review your processed application in light of both the amount of assistance for which you qualify and the amount available for distribution.  The personal information that you provide in applying for a tuition grant is kept confidential within this committee.

Step 3: Decision.  The school’s principal will inform families of the committee’s decision (amount of grant awarded or rejection) and discuss arrangements for payment of the remainder of the tuition bill. Families requesting a tuition grant cannot be accepted for enrollment until written notification of the decision has been forwarded to the family.

Note: In general, families cannot be enrolled without a signed agreement regarding payment of tuition, regardless of whether or not they are requesting a grant.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: In order to receive a tuition grant, a student must be enrolling in Pre-School (age 4) through grade 12. Tuition grants are not available for students enrolling in Pre-school (age 3).

REVIEW OF AWARDS: The school reserves the right to review and cancel the tuition grant award at any time because of changes in financial resources, residency, marital status, because of failure to pay any outstanding tuition amounts in a timely fashion, or because of the student’s failure to remain in good academic or disciplinary standing at the school.  Tuition payments must be current before application for re-enrollment or application for tuition grants can be accepted.

Acceptable academic progress:  A student is expected to maintain a cumulative “C” average to continue to qualify for tuition grants.  At the end of each semester the student’s academic progress will be reviewed.  Students not maintaining satisfactory academic standing may become ineligible for continued grants.

Acceptable behavior:  A student is expected to follow the behavior code as delineated in the Parent-Student Handbook to continue to qualify for tuition grants.  If a student is suspended for more than one day during a semester he/she may become ineligible for continuation of the tuition grant at the end of that semester.

STUDENT WITHDRAWAL: Generally, tuition grants are awarded on an annual basis with 50% available for each semester. If a student withdraws during a semester, the tuition grant will be applied according to the following scale:

Number of Days Enrolled Percent of Grant Applied
1 to 30 18%
31 to 60 35%
61 to end of semester 50%

Note: This scale is for tuition grants only and differs substantially from the scale indicating tuition owed to the school in the case of withdrawal. Please consult with the administration to clarify any details or questions that are not addressed here.