Will Bond

We recently made the transition from homeschooling to having our three oldest children attend LCA. The faculty and staff have 

Tammy McLeod

My twin boys Connor and Brady started TimberNook this year. As different as they both are, they equally loved it! 

Ryan Barton

Mainstay Technologies just hired another LCA grad. We now have a cadre of thoughtful, hard working, values-based team members who 

Rafael Vazquez

I have been at LCA for a total of six years, though not consecutively. LCA has enabled me to understand 

Keran “Chris” Li

I think God brought me to LCA as a foreign/exchange student in 2010 because He cares and He had good 

Cathy Merola

Here’s the thing: my son is getting it! My youngest son, Robert, is a new seventh-grader at LCA, and I 

Andrea Howard

As a student, my years at Laconia Christian Academy were enhanced by the relationships I had with my teachers. They