My twin boys Connor and Brady started TimberNook this year. As different as they both are, they equally loved it! TimberNook gives them the opportunity to seek out their own interests. The children are free to either join the planned activity, follow their own creativity with other children, or even to play alone if they choose.

TimberNook has become their favorite day of the week. Brady loved getting as dirty as possible, while Connor loved being able to use his imagination on any and all activities.

One particular day comes to mind. I had to pick them up early to bring them to their annual exam. However, it happened to be swamp day. Yes, you read that right – SWAMP DAY! I tried cleaning them up and having them change their clothes. I apologized to their pediatrician for their smell and filthiness, explaining that it was swamp day at Timbernook.

Of course, she asked me to explain. I outlined the TimberNook program, ending with “and today they got to play in muddy, gross water!” She immediately smiled and became excited. She said this is exactly what children need as they are often lacking this kind of play. She went on to say that this is excellent to help build their immune systems. The bottom line is children are getting to be children. I am thankful that LCA thinks outside of the box and does what is best for their students.

Tammy McLeod, mother of Connor and Brady, Grade 4 (in the 2020-2021 school year) and Emily, Grade 10

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