Laconia Christian Academy is a place to belong.

We welcome international and exchange students to apply for enrollment in our Upper School (grades 9-12). Because of our small class-sizes and warm community, many international students find that LCA is not only a place in which to learn, but also a place to belong when far from home.

LCA is a SEVIS-approved school, and offers a home-stay program for students who require Form I-20 to obtain an F-1 Student Visa. Our small class sizes, high academic standards, ELL classes, and history of placing graduates in four-year colleges make us a great choice for many international students:


  • Each student has a faculty advisor and student mentor to help him or her adjust to LCA and American culture.
  • The LCA administration, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Fund, assists all students in finding the college or university best suited for them. Over the course of each school year numerous college representatives meet on campus with interested students.
  • LCA does not offer on-campus boarding for international students. LCA will assist applicants and their families in securing a welcoming host family from within the school community.
  • Standard ESL/ELL courses are included in the curriculum for international students. Students requiring additional language assistance may be required to attend specialized tutoring sessions (at an additional expense) at the discretion of the English department faculty.

International Student Admission Policy

The following guidelines will be adhered to with respect to admitting exchange or international students to Laconia Christian Academy:

Host Family. The student must reside with a host family that has a child(ren) of the same gender and who attend LCA. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Head of School.

International Application. Click for instructions.

 Enrollment must be completed by the first Monday of March, or as near to that date as possible, for admission into the upcoming school year. The student’s application and other written information about the student must be received at Laconia Christian Academy a minimum of two weeks before acceptance can be considered. Any international student desiring admission to LCA should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Clear, evident, and expressed respect for his /her parents and other authorities in his/her life.
  • Wholesome prior attitude and behavior in and out of school.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • An obvious measure of academic success in prior schooling, reflecting ability and motivation to learn.
  • A sincere desire to attend and participate in the academic, social, extracurricular, and Spirit-life programs at Laconia Christian Academy.

Grade Placement. Except in extenuating circumstances, we will only admit international students to grades seven through 11. Most international students expressing a desire to continue their schooling at a university within the United States are enrolled at LCA prior to 11th grade. If English is one of the official languages of the country from which they come, students may enroll at the start of grade 11.

Language Diversity. We will carefully monitor the admission of multiple students who have a common first language.

Finances. The cost of attending LCA includes tuition, room and board, and a $750 allowance for books and school uniforms. International students should be prepared to pay for their own school supplies, personal care items, and various activity expenses throughout the year.

Insurance. International students are required to provide proof of health insurance prior to enrollment. LCA recommends the use of ISM’s International Student’s Accident and Sickness Insurance.