Rick Duba, Head of School

How did you come to LCA?

Our family’s first connection with LCA came when when we enrolled our oldest son as a Kindergarten student in 1997 (Alek, ’11). We later enrolled our children, Gabrielle (’12) and Nathaniel ( ’18). My wife, Margaret, would tell you that LCA “had us at ‘hello’.” There was something special about the way we were received; the parent-student community seemed authentic and lacked the pretense we expected in a private Christian school. Although Margaret and I  were educated in public schools, and I was at the time a public school teacher, we knew we’d found the school for our kids through graduation. I became Head of School in 2004, and couldn’t be happier with the decision- I feel like one of the lucky few who gets to thoroughly enjoy going to work every day.

What makes LCA special?

The community, the approach to education, and the staff.

The community of students, parents, and extended families is the best in the Lakes Region. You don’t have to do much more than observe one of our Community Drama performances to see this in action.

I also find the Academy’s approach to education compelling — especially the Humanities program. Our staff is always evaluating our current program and looking for ways to improve. We endeavor each year to be better than we were the year before.

The quality and commitment of the faculty and staff still amazes me, and that coupled with the small class sizes makes LCA an optimal educational experience where every student  can receive individual attention. A smaller school also allows kids to have a broad array of experiences– everyone gets to play a sport, take part in a drama, learn to ski, and travel internationally .

What about LCA makes you most proud?

I am most proud of the team of faculty and staff that passionately shares the love of Christ with students, and invests in their lives.

I’m also very proud that we’re producing thinkers. When the ACSI Accreditation team came through the Academy in 2016, they commented, “Many schools talk about developing critical thinking skills in their students; LCA actually does it.”

What excites you about the future of LCA?

I’m excited about the outdoor nature-play program in our Early Ed and Lower School, and the work behind the scenes to research thoroughly and implement what is best for our students.

I’m also excited about the newly formed Leadership Team, which will help shape the direction of the Academy, especially as we focus on further developing the spiritual culture here, and making a positive impact throughout the Lakes Region.

What advice do you offer current or prospective families?

The curricula matters. The teachers matter even more. In choosing LCA, my family made a decision of eternal consequence for our children. Margaret and I invite you to do the same. As C.S. Lewis wrote in God in the Dock:

“No generation can bequeath to its successor what it has not got… If we are skeptical we shall teach only skepticism to our pupils, if fools only folly, if vulgar only vulgarity, if saints sanctity, if heroes heroism. Education is only the most fully conscious of the channels whereby each generation influences the next. It is not a closed system. Nothing which was not in the teachers can flow from them into the pupils.”