Laconia Christian Academy is on a mission.

At LCA, we’re not just about producing “good citizens.” We are about impacting the world and preparing the hearts of our students to love their neighbors well. “We want our students to be givers, not takers,” says Headmaster Rick Duba.

International Service Trips (grades 11-12)

With this mission in mind, upperclassmen don’t take trips to amusement parks and beaches, but instead go around the globe to help those in need, experience a new culture, and broaden their horizons. Our most recent trip to Rwanda in the spring of 2019 was an incredible experience: we met our sponsored child, we gave gifts of valuable livestock to survivors of genocide, we funded the roofing of a single mother’s home, we played with children, and we celebrated Easter at a local church.

Local Community Service (grades 7-12)

We love our secluded, woodsy hilltop, but we don’t stay there. Every month, we leave our campus to invest in our local community. We believe that giving back to the Lakes Region is a part of being faithful to God, and it’s also part of a holistic education. Our upper school students volunteer alongside churches, organizations, and families to help the homeless, to stock food pantries, to rake parks, to visit the elderly, and more.