“Add” – Verb

“The Puritans wisely sought to connect all of life to its source in God, bringing the two worlds together rather 

Leave It All On the Court

It’s the 4th quarter! Who doesn’t love a good sports metaphor? This would be the time that a coach would 

In the Beginning Was the Word

Grammar? Again? God gave us His complete Word in only two languages – Hebrew and Greek.There are several reasons why 

The Tomb is Empty – Time to Celebrate!

As I considered what kind of Easter blessing to share with the LCA community, I was drawn to words of 

The Last Supper – Maundy Thursday

I’ve been receiving a daily Lent devotional from Gospel in Life, which is part of Tim Keller’s ministry.  This was 

Cogito Ergo Sum

A lot of people complain, “What is the purpose of grammar?” “Why is it so important to have “good” grammar?” 

The Power of Choosing

I have gotten into the habit of using the language of choices with students.  If you ever hear me speaking 

Remember the Sabbath

Hebrews 4:9 “So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.” Ever since the world came to 

Empowering Kids to Take Control of Outcomes

Over the last 60 years, the rates of stress-related mental disorders in children have increased dramatically. It’s left parents and 

The Importance of Play

Does playtime serve a purpose beyond “having fun” or “burning off steam”?Our TimberNook Team attended the annual TimberNook Conference in