Here’s the thing: my son is getting it! My youngest son, Robert, is a new seventh-grader at LCA, and I am so impressed with their wonderful Humanities program. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. I have three sons and a daughter, and I have always tried to get my boys to read. We have hundreds of books, and I have tried different incentives every summer. Not one of my sons took to reading until now. Every night, Robert is reading in bed. And, he’s reading the great works of history and learning to reason and think critically. The education he’s getting is timeless — it’s like that of my father who went to Boston Latin in the early 60s. That kind of deep understanding of history isn’t seen much anymore.

Regarding education, our four children have done it all– years of private school, attempts at public, and it all falls short compared to what they are doing at Laconia Christian Academy. The Humanities program is wonderful, the faculty is down-to-earth and personally invested in the kids. Teachers actually communicate with the parents, and they see students as individuals. Honestly, I haven’t found a place where teachers seem to be as genuinely concerned and caring as LCA. LCA is the best-kept secret for schooling in the Lakes Region!

LCA does the faith part the best. They instill the word of God and values into these kids — they actually study it and have direct contact with the Bible and all the relevant history surrounding it, so that they form a better foundation than any other faith-based school we’ve experienced.

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